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Ancient Art Tattoo Artist

Dennis Dwyer and Cynthia Holtmeyer are here to serve you, so that we can fulfill your tattoo dreams. Tattoos are a permanent mark and you should choose wisely and make it a great memory.

Precision Tattoo Supply

Precision Tattoo Supply started in 1988. Dennis Dwyer started building hand made machines then began to hiring employees to build a company offering a complete line of equipment serving as a tattoo supply outlet.

Private Eyes Cosmetic Tattooing

Offering a permanent solutuon to looking beautiful.

Proper Care of Tattoo Healing

The care of your tattoo after it is finished is as important as much as the artist work.

Ancient Art Tattoo History

A story line of when, and how I got started in the tattoo profession

Dennis's Teachings

I am an artist, painter, writer, author, teacher and a preacher.

Today, I want you to think about all you are, and not all you are not. Be well.

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Ancient Art Tattoo and Precision Tattoo Supply

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Precision Tattoo Supply


High quality, reliable service!

Serving the tattoo community since 1988, offering a complete selection of tattoo supplies from machines, to tubes, needles, ink as well as starter kits. More importantly, the experience needed to help get you in your career in tattooing.



Complete Line of Tattoo Supplies

Tattoo Machine


We carry  a wide selection of imported tattoo machines, plus American made machines by Dennis Dwyer. They are tuned and ready to operate. WE also offer a tune uo service for machine you cannot make run.

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Tattoo Power Supplies


Offering a selection of tattoo power supplies, for a basic, slim thins and digital screen monitors. Footswitches and AC adapters and Clipcords. 

Tattoo Tubes and Needles


Stanless and disposable plastic tunes of all sizes. Offering different grips size form 3/4 to 1" grips. Are your customers raving about you on social media? 

Tattoo Inks


Offering a wide range of our Vitals Tattoo Ink. Purchase one color or a set of primary colors 

Tattoo Instruction


Forty seven years of tattoo experience when you buy from Dennis Dwyer.

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Tattoo Kits


Offering a wide price range in tattoo setup. We will work with you and your budget to get you started in following your dream to be a tattooist. When our customers have questions, we have answers to your questions.

Permanent make-up

Cosmetic Tattooing


Stop worrying about the fuss and muss and get permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and more. You’ll look fabulous and feel it too with our affordable options. Come in and start your new life with amazing cosmetics from the artists at Ancient Art Tattoo.



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