About Dennis

Dennis Dwyer

Dennis Dwyer, a tattooist for 49 years, has turned his love for tattooing into a thriving business. He began collecting tattoos while in the Naval Seabees during the Vietnam War. How with tattoos covering 90 percent of his body, Dwyer is the real thing. He has won several tattooing awards including: ‘The Peoples Choice Award For Best Tattooist’, ‘The Alliance of Professional Tattooist Inc Achievement Award’, Best Overall Tattooist’ at Nationals just to name a few. Just resently adding to the Tattoo Hall of Fame.For Dennis, tattooing is the most personal of the ancient arts, “A lot of people pick something they can relate to or have an interest in,’ he said of choosing tattoos. “Tattoos are really windows to the soul.’

Dwyer became interested in tattooing because he had an artistic flair and he figured it would be a good way to express himself. Plus, he saw it as a way to make a living. “In reality, anyone can do a tattoo,’ Dwyer said. “But how well it’s done and whether they have an artistic art background. “It’s not easy to do. The canvas is not consistent, and in this era of diseases, a tattoo artist must take proper tattooing procedures and sterilization methods seriously.”

Dennis Dwyer believes you must have integrity, accountability, and compassion when running a tattoo business. For him, the lesson’s never end on the business or artistic side of tattooing. “You have to have an open mind and do your best,’ Dwyer said. “You have to be open to education and you have to keep learning.”