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Today, many women have discovered the world of permanent make-up. I have been doing this service since 1988. The are many names given to it: tattooing, permanent make-up and micro-blade, all of which is still called tattooing There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know abou

Cosmetic Tattooing and permanent Make up

Permanent Make-up


Permanent cosmetic is tattooing which is a process of implanting die into the skin.

Tattoo Brows


Different styles, from thin to thick brows and blending the color that works best for you. 

Tattoo Eyeliner


Permanent make-up helps with saving time and no more smudging! Eyeliner upper and lower line can also be done real thin of heavy.

Tattoo Lips/Lip Liner


Full lip covering or lip liner to enhance the lips. 

Comfortable environment


Dennis Dwyer has been doing cosmetic tattoos since 1988 and isn't limited to the usual styles of cosmetic tattooing!

Breast Reconstruction Tattoo Nipples


For those who have had beast reconstruction I can tattoo nipples.

Cosmetic services offered

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