Mission Statement

"We need to incorporate a transition of the history of tattooing, along with new innovation, but should not erase, or forget the past, because it is the foundation of who we are. You cannot leave the past and think that you will have a future or to think that even you will be remembered." Dennis Dwyer

Life is a journey with one purpose...

Against The Wind

In 1971 the door was opened for me to enter the mysterious world of tattooing which was consider to be taboo and only a few people had tattoos 

The Adventures Of A Tattooist

There was no place to find any information on how to tattoo, it was all about trial and error, there was no internet or search engines to find how to tattoo.

Experience And Care

I focused on learning ever aspect of tattooing and sought out the elders of this American folk art, so that I could do my best in serving my customers giving my best


1976 America was celebrating independence! Leaving New York with a few friends we head west for our own independence and landed in Tucson Arizona. Inherited a shop on Forth Ave. I am a gypsy at heart chasing a dream.

Cliff Raven's Sunset Strip Tattoo Studio

Given an opportunity to work with and for Cliff Raven's Studio on Sunset Strip. Cliff was one of the top artist in the tattoo world. I learned so much from him, a master artist and a gentleman.


Move back to Tucson in 1980 and opened on Grant Road. The store is still an operating tattoo shop. I painted the tattoo on Big John Stud for the movie 'Marlboro man meets Harley Davidson man." I was the only shop in Tucson.




Leaving a mark on Tucson


Tattoo Tour

In 1977 I attended my first convention in Reno and developed a great relationship with J.D. Crowe owner of Ancient Art Tattoo and became an associate, we then partnered up forming Tattoo Tour and promoting  tattoo conventions for over ten years setting the stage to what it has become today


Mission Statement

Not all treasure is silver or gold. The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. As a tattooist my job is to be a servant who will leave a mark on you that will change your soul.


Pirate's Tattoo Association Gathering

Daytona Beach, what a great place to meet, how perfect to be by the sea! To see sunrises and sunsets walking in the sand and seeing many old friends, also making bunch more. The Pirate creed "Live free or Die!"