Tattoo After Care

The care of your new tattoo is as important as what the artist did in tattooing you!

  • Leave the bandage on for two to three hours. No longer than that and DO NOT put another bandage on it! Tattoos heal best in the open air. DO NOT PUT ANY PLASTIC WRAP ON YOUR TATTOO.
  • After removing the bandage place a warm to hot wash cloth on your tattoo and let it set for about a minute then was the tattoo very thoroughly with a mild soap. After washing thoroughly then place a cold wash cloth over/on the tattoo for a minute. Placing a warm cloth on first opens the pores and then the cold cloth allows the pores on your skin to contract so that the tattoo will no longer weep. No weeping=no scabbing!
  • Wash tattoo daily with a soft wash cloth and do it mildly
  • UseNoxzemaand NOTHING else! Apply a light coat three to four times a day. Don’t listen to your friends that might be telling your different. I have been tattooing for over 47 years, and the NOXZEMA works best!
  • It may form a light scab, DO NOT pick at the tattoo, in doing so you may pull out the color.
  • DO NOT expose your new tattoo to direct sun for two weeks. If you cover it, DO NOT put a bandage, instead try using loose clothing.
  • DO NOT soak in the tub, pool or lake until the scabbing comes off.
  • Normally a tattoo will take five to seven days to heal.

Ancient Art Tattoo in Tucson, AZ
Ancient Art Tattoo in Tucson, AZ