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This week’s teaching lesson.

Love Languages

This teaching was on Valentine’s Day and we talked about the five love languages. We start out with an AWANA theme song. Hope you enjoy this lesson.

The Devil is he real?

The Bible tells us about the devil and that he wants to destroy us.

Jesus is coming soon.

The world is in chaos just as the days of Noah.

What does it mean to have child-like faith?

It is a blessing and a privilege to be part of the AWANA program at Christ Community Church in sharing fundamentals of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with sixty or more children each week. These teaching are record for you also. There is some chatter from children in the beginning, but once we pray God stills the waters.

Jesus is fully man and He is fully God! Mark 4:35-41

I would like to challenge you to listen to what the children have to say about God.

“How To Defeat The Giants”

First we must trust and have faith that God is in control. This is the faith David had to destroy a giant.

God is Love

The love that God gave came at a cost to Him so that we receive a free gift of eternal life.

Find a quite place for a half hour or so, sit back and listen with an open heart. I know that many people do not want to go to church, well here is a chance to listen to the word of God in the privacy of your home! Hopefully you will share it with others! Salvation is a free gift!! John 3:16 For God so love the world that he gave His only Son, so that who ever believes in Him will have eternal life. I want to encourage you to listen to my recorded sermons, for I have put as much passion in them as I have with my art, maybe more. I have lived a life as tattooist who has been given the opportunity to meet so many people from so many different back grounds. In my mid fifties I was admitted to Phoenix Seminary and graduated in 2012 with a Masters in Theology. It was an incredible adventure! Through these years of study enabled me to “sharpen my sword” to preach and share the “Good News.”

God is Eternal Life

The grave is not the end, there is truly life after death.

God is Holy

To be Holy is being set apart from sin. God wants a relationship with us and Jesus is the way to speak with God through Him.

Let’s go to Bethlehem

This lesson is about the miracle of the New Testament which is the virgin birth.


God’s grace is a free gift that covers our sin. There is no sin that the shadow of the cross cannot cover. Grace is an action done by God to show us His love for us.

The Bible

The Bible is humans operating manual. It teaches how to live and the road to salvation

Power Of Prayer

God is all knowing and all powerful. So why do we pray? We pray because the creator wants to be a Father who cares about us.

In The News

A Watchman

Luke 21:36 But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.” So much is happening in the world and few have any idea of what is happening. Who can you trust? The Bible tells of the Day of the Coming Lord and that we are to be on watch and not to be afraid. I posted a couple of links to help you be informed. Isaiah 62:6 On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen; all the day and all the night they shall never be silent. You who put the LORD in remembrance, take no rest,


Rapture Ready

End Times daily news is about everything from earthquakes, world health, wars and end time prophesies in the making.

The Americasjubilee

offers information “Why are so many Americans angry.” Why there will be a financial collapse of the markets

World Net Daily

is an independent news website with an emphasis on aggressive investigative reporting

I Believe…

“God is good all the time, all the time God is good.”

I have truly been blessed through many opportunities and adventures which tattooing has given me, causing me to ask and question, is there a God who made me, and cares enough to save me?  Even as I asked, God gave meaning to my past, and opened a whole new world.
God has shown that  “Love is the Way.”
It took going through some dark valleys to realize the truth to that saying. “God is good all the time!” When we obey His Word, we grow in spiritual knowledge; and as we grow in spiritual knowledge, we grow in freedom from sin.
Life leads to learning, and learning leads to liberty. How easy it is to follow tradition and miss eternal truth.
The publicans and sinners were rejoicing at His message, but His own half brothers were making fun of Him. “I AM” claims of Jesus–I AM the Bread.
St. Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless until we rest in Thee.” Are we filling our lives with things that are not really satisfying to us? This message is about learning to trust in God who has already won the battles in your life. The lost sinner is as lifeless and helpless as a corpse. No matter how an undertaker may prepare a corpse, it is still dead; and no corpse is “deader” than any other corpse. If you are dead, you are dead!
People are so quick to point the finger and make accusations about others before they take a look at themselves. No matter what you seem to do, nothing seems to be right or good enough. People on our jobs and even in our families tend to find fault in everything we do and say. Isn’t that typical? Most anytime we start pointing fingers at someone else, we find ourselves caught as well. Anytime religion sets out after sin, without loving the sinner, it becomes judgmental. Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin.


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