Tattoo care starts with the healing period and vital to your tattoos overall vibrant appearance!

1.) Proper care of your tattoo should be discussed by the artist.

2.) Follow the instructions provided by the tattooist.

The tattoo is an open wound and vulnerable to infections.

Below is a general guideline for tattoo care that will help you get through the critical healing process.

Tattoo should remain covered for 2 hours. Remove the bandage then place a hot facecloth on the tattoo for one minute then wash the tattoo thoroughly with mild soap for proper tattoo care. Pat it dry and applying Noxzema. Do not use harsh soaps, cleaning solvents, grease, dirt, etc. and no not rebadged. If you have questions call your tattooist.

Tattoo care: Day 5 your tattoo will be well on its way to healing itself. You can use hand lotions or creams to help keep the skin moist. You can use these lotions as often as possible for the next two to three weeks, just make sure to just put a thin layer on and do not smother the tattoo.

Showering and Shaving While Your Tattoo is Healing

The first few days after your tattoos avoid direct spray from a shower head, no not soaking the tattoo in a bath, chlorine pools and saunas. Wash your tattoo gently with warm water and mild soap and pat it dry afterwards.

Avoid the Sun

Most people like show off their new body adornment. No not expose to the direct sunlight until the tattoo is completely healed. Sunburn will easily blister the new tattoo and cause a loss of pigment resulting in a dull and poor looking tattoo. We recommended a good sun block used every time you are in long periods of sun.

If Your Tattoo Scabs Over

Properly done tattoos should have minimal scabs! After a week a thin even layer that appears milky over the tattoo, this is normal, just continue to use your lotion and keep the tattoo moist. If the tattoo gets a heavier scab, leaving it alone, keep your lotion on it. Let it go through the healing process. If you pick the scab at this point it will most likely pull the color out of the tattoo.

Keep it clean, out of the sun and don’t over care for it.

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