SuperMaxx Tattoo Machine


This machine is highly collectible, yet you can run it as your daily driver! This machine differs from the MadMaxx in that it is not a cast frame, rather it is cut and milled out of solid billet steel. A very limited number of 300 of these were made by Dennis back in the early 2000s, only a dozen or so remain. The programming/blue print for the cutting of these frames is gone, so new SuperMaxx machines can not be built! All of these SuperMaxx machines feature the same quality hand wound coils, and were built by a real tattooer of over 40 years experience. These SuperMaxx machines are brand new and still in their original boxes, and will come with a letter of authenticity from Dennis himself. Not only can you own a piece of history, but you can use these everyday! Hurry, these will NOT last long!


This Mad Max machine is a CNC billet frame. I ran a production line of a hundred machines. Only a few left. Truly a one of a kind, that will last


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