Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup artist Dennis Dwyer offering the best since 1988.

Permanent Makeup  by Dennis Dwyer

Permanent Makeup

Serving Tucson since 1988

Permanent Makeup offers the confidence of knowing you look beautiful 24 hours a day knowing your makeup will not come off while sleeping, swimming, or exercising!

Over forty three years of experience. A clean safe comfortable setting with privacy.

Permanent Makeup is very safe. A relief for allergic reactions to cosmetics.

All of the pigments we use are safe; Plus, I use a topical cream which relieves  the discomfort

Ancient Art Tattoo – 2108 S. Alvernon Way, – Tucson Arizona 85711

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Does permanent makeup have a psychological value?

Yes. A very positive psychological value for medical or personal pleasure by increasing personal confidence and self-esteem.

What do tattooed permanent  eyebrows look like?

Individual hairs can be drawn in to blend with existing hair. Shading behind hair can produce a fuller-looking brow. The shape and color are based entirely upon your personal preferences

What colors are available?

A full range of colors are available, individually to blend the shade of their choice. Colors stay true to value over time. There is a sense of freedom that you never again  with permanent eyeliner you will be ready anytime.

Is permanent makeup really permanent?

Although some fading may occur over the years, if done correctly the pigment will remain in the skin forever. I repair poorly done wprk done by other technicians.

What does permanent eyeliner makeup look like?

Permanent eyeliner applied subtly to enhance lashes, or heavier to create an actual line. I deal alternative for individuals with makeup allergies, visual impairments, or contacts lens wearing, or just wanting to safe time for other things.