Life is a JOURNEY with one PURPOSE...

Serving the Savior

That purpose is to live for Christ.

Thank you for clicking on this site. My prayer is that you will take a few minutes of your time to allow me to share a story, not so much about what I did, but His-story, the story of what Jesus did for me and you.

God has favored me to be an artist, teacher and a preacher, who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I challenge you to take the 21 days test to read one chapter of John a day and your eyes will be opened.

Romans 10:13

for "Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved."

God has given me the privilege to be the Commander of AWANA, a Christian children program to be Approved Workman And Not Ashamed of the Gospel.

I have recorded the teaching to share with you.  Most of the recording are only fifteen minutes long.

Matthew 18:2-4

Jesus said that unless you come to Me like a child you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. 

So what does that mean to come to Christ as a child? I have discovered that children are incredibility curious, which opens the doors mentally. breeds creativity and stirs the imagination which allows them to see from the eyes of the heart, the true love God offers. I believe children come to Christ humbly and willing to learn, as so should we.

I would like you to listen to what children have to say about what they believe.


Dennis' Teachings

Listen to these audio recordings from Dennis' work with the children at AWANA to learn more about Dennis’ teachings on faith and life!

There are over one hundred children from ages six to eleven in a Gymnasium.

I am amased  how they are using the gift to be still.

Watching but not looking

Did you hear they crucified Jesus?

Did you ever wonder what Peter was thinking that Saturday after Jesus died?

After all, Peter denied Him three time, stood in the crowd as they condemned Jesus and at one-point Jesus looked at Peter. WOW!  What was that ‘look’ that Jesus gave to Peter? It is the look of love and forgiveness, not quilt or shame or anger, just love.

Where was Peter Saturday night? It was the Sabbath, a day of rest and prayers. What was Peter praying for? The Scriptures make no mention of this period in his life as to what Peter was thinking or feeling. I would imagine he felt lost, hiding in quilt and shame, like me when I denied Him. But the next morning when Mary discover that the tomb was empty, she came to Peter first, and then to the others were told. They all ran to the tomb; John arrived first, and did not enter in the tomb. Peter arrive second, and he entered in and came out wondering what has happened here. Peter then when back to fishing, only later to be filled with Spirit to be a rock of faith. Sometimes all of the truth is before us, and we are watching, but not looking from the eyes of the heart. Days later the Resurrected Jesus appears to His Disciples and Peter, and none questioned, for they knew Jesus is the Lord. Do know Him?

As we celebrate Easter would you look at His-story from the eyes of the heart, so that we may see more clearly! 

Jesus is risen!